Must-Have iPhone 13 Accessories for Your New Device!

by Samir Raj on April 08, 2023

The iPhone 13 is the in-demand model of Apple's popular smartphone series. It features a powerful A15 Bionic chip, a stunning Super Retina XDR display, improved camera capabilities, and longer battery life. While the iPhone 13 comes with impressive features, accessories can enhance the user experience even further. Accessories can protect the phone from damage, improve battery life, enhance audio quality, and make it easier to use the phone in different settings. Moreover, accessories can also help users get the most out of the phone's camera capabilities, allowing them to capture high-quality photos and videos. Overall, accessories are essential for maximizing the potential of the iPhone 13 Accessories and improving the user experience.


Cases and Screen Protectors

Cases and screen protectors are essential accessories for protecting the iPhone 13 from damage caused by accidental drops, scratches, and other hazards. Here's how they help:

Case & Cover

Protection against drops and impacts:

Cases and screen protectors are designed to absorb and distribute the impact of a fall or bump, reducing the risk of damage to the phone's delicate components. Some cases are even rated for military-grade protection, providing extra durability for heavy use.


Protection against scratches:

The screen protector provides an additional layer of protection against scratches, scuffs, and other marks on the phone's screen. This is particularly important if the phone is kept in a pocket or purse with other objects that can cause scratches.


Maintains the phone's aesthetic appeal:

Premium Case

A case can help keep the phone looking new by preventing scratches and wear on the body of the phone. Many cases come in different colors, materials, and designs that can match the user's style and preferences.


Cost-effective solution:

Replacing a damaged screen or body of an iPhone 13 can be expensive. A case and screen protector provide a cost-effective solution for preventing damage and prolonging the phone's lifespan.


Cases we have:

Vibe iPhone Wallet Case Genuine PU Leather with Magnetic Closure:

Vibe Wallet Case

The Vibe iPhone wallet case is a high-quality accessory that offers ultimate protection against bumps, drops, dust, and scratches while also serving as a stylish wallet with six card slots and a strong double-sided magnetic closure. Its precise cutouts for speakers, camera, and functional ports make it convenient to use without having to remove the case. The shock-absorbing TPU bumper and hard PC shell provide excellent drop protection, while the raised edges around the screen and camera protect them from scratches and cracks. Overall, the Vibe iPhone wallet case is a great investment for any iPhone user who wants to keep their phone and wallet in one place.


Vibe High-Quality Flexible Transparent Puloka Case for Smartphones:

Vibe Puloka Case

Introducing the Vibe Transparent Puloka Case, a stylish and practical accessory that combines a flexible and shock-absorbing inner layer with a high-quality PU leather exterior. This top-quality case offers ultimate protection against drops, bumps, dust, and scratches, while also providing a professional and secure design with a strong double-sided magnetic closure. With precise cutouts for speakers, camera, and all other functional ports, the Vibe Transparent Puloka Case is convenient to use and allows easy access to all ports and controls.


Vibe High-Quality Flexible Graphene Case for iPhone:


The Vibe Graphene Case is the perfect accessory for those who want to protect their iPhone from drops, bumps, dust, and scratches while maintaining a stylish and sleek appearance. This case features a flexible and shock-absorbing inner layer, combined with a high-quality PU leather exterior, to provide ultimate protection to your device. The strong double-sided magnetic closure keeps your phone securely in place, while the precise cutouts allow for easy access to all ports and controls. The Vibe Graphene Case is a top-quality accessory that is both professional and convenient to use, making it an excellent investment for any iPhone user.


Charging Accessories

Charging accessories are an essential part of owning an iPhone 13, as they allow users to keep their phone charged and ready to use at all times. Here's how charging accessories help:


Convenient charging:   

Charging accessories provide a convenient way to charge the iPhone 13, whether at home, in the car, or on the go. This ensures that the phone is always ready to use when needed.


Faster charging:

Some charging accessories, such as fast chargers, can provide faster charging times than the standard charger that comes with the iPhone 13. This can be particularly useful for users who need to charge their phone quickly, such as when traveling.


Multiple charging options:

Charging accessories come in a variety of styles and designs, including wall chargers, car chargers, wireless charging pads, and portable chargers. This provides users with multiple options for charging their phone depending on their needs and location.


Protection against overcharging: Some charging accessories, such as wireless charging pads, come with safety features to prevent overcharging and protect the battery of the iPhone 13 from damage.


Charging cable we have


Vibe MFi Certified Braided iPhone Lightning Cable 1.2 Metre:

 Vibe MFi Certified Lightning Cable

The Vibe MFI Certified Braided iPhone Lightning Cable is an exceptional charging cable that guarantees reliable and safe charging for all your Apple devices. Its MFI certification ensures that it meets Apple's high performance standards, and the braided nylon exterior provides extra durability and protection against fraying and tangling. With high-speed syncing and a robust cable design, this cable is perfect for all your charging needs. Plus, with a length of 1.2 meters, you can comfortably use your device while it's charging.


C3 iPhone Fast Charging Cable 2 Metre Compatible with iPhones & iPads:

C3 iPhone Fast Charging Cable 2 Metre

The C3 iPhone Charging Cable is a durable and flexible solution for fast charging and quick data sync for your iPhone or iPad. The braided design ensures that the cable is tangle-free and easy to use, and it is compatible with all iPhones and iPads that have a lightning port. The cable also supports quick data sync and fast charging for your devices. With its robust and reliable build, you can trust this cable to keep your device charged and synced without any issues. It comes in three color options: black, grey, and red.


Headphones and Speakers

Headphones and speakers are important accessories that can enhance the experience of using an iPhone 13 in a variety of ways. Here's how they help:

Earphone & headphone Accessories

Better sound quality: 

While the iPhone 13 has a built-in speaker, external headphones and speakers can provide better sound quality, with clearer audio and deeper bass.


Hands-free calling: 

Bluetooth headphones or earbuds allow users to take phone calls hands-free, making it easier to multitask while on the phone.


Immersive listening experience:

Using headphones or speakers can provide an immersive listening experience for music, movies, and podcasts, making it easier to fully enjoy the content being consumed.



Using headphones or earbuds provides a private listening experience, without disturbing others around you.


Photography Accessories

Photography accessories are important for enhancing the experience of using an iPhone 13 camera, whether for casual photography or more professional purposes. Here's how they help:

Photograph Accessories


Improved image quality:

Photography accessories such as lens attachments can help improve the image quality of photos taken with the iPhone 13 camera, providing better focus, depth of field, and overall image clarity.


More versatile shooting options: 

Accessories such as tripods, gimbals, and mounts can provide users with more versatile shooting options, making it easier to capture unique angles, steady shots, and smoother videos.


Protection for the camera:

Cases with built-in lens protection can help prevent scratches and damage to the iPhone 13 camera, while lens covers and screen protectors can help keep the camera lens clean and clear.


Enhanced creativity:

Photography accessories can help users tap into their creative side by providing new ways to experiment with composition, lighting, and effects.


Other Accessories

Apart from the aforementioned accessories, there are several other accessories that can enhance the overall experience of using an iPhone 13. Here are some examples:

Other Accessories


Wireless Chargers:

Wireless chargers are convenient and fast charging options for the iPhone 13. These chargers allow users to charge their phones without the hassle of cords and cables. Brands like Anker, Belkin, and Mophie offer high-quality wireless charging pads and stand for the iPhone 13.


Portable Power Banks: 

Portable power banks can provide an additional charge to the iPhone 13 when users are on the go and don't have access to a power source. Brands like Anker, RAVPower, and Jackery offer high-capacity power banks that can charge the iPhone 13 multiple times.



A smartwatch like the Apple Watch can complement the iPhone 13 by providing notifications, fitness tracking, and more. The Apple Watch seamlessly integrates with the iPhone 13, allowing users to receive and make calls, send messages, and control their music.



PopSockets are small, collapsible grips that attach to the back of the iPhone 13, providing a more comfortable and secure grip while texting, taking photos, or scrolling through social media. PopSockets come in a variety of designs and colors, making them a fun and functional accessory for the iPhone 13.


Car Mounts: 

Car mounts allow users to securely attach their iPhone 13 to the dashboard or windshield, providing easy access to GPS, music, and hands-free calling while driving. Brands like iOttie, Belkin, and WizGear offer high-quality car mounts for the iPhone 13.



The iPhone 13 is a powerful and versatile device, and by using the right accessories, users can enhance its capabilities and overall user experience. Protective cases and screen protectors can prevent damage to the phone, while charging accessories ensure the phone is always powered up. Headphones and speakers enhance the audio experience, and photography accessories provide better image quality and creative options. Other accessories such as wireless chargers, portable power banks, smartwatches, PopSockets, and car mounts can add convenience and functionality to the iPhone 13. By investing in high-quality accessories, users can unlock the full potential of their iPhone 13 and enjoy it to the fullest.