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Q: How many days it will take to deliver / what is the shipping time?

A: In general, we dispatch the order within 1-2 business days and it takes 3-4 business days to deliver the order.


Q: The item has not arrived within the timeline, what to do now?

A: We are providing tracking details after the dispatch, you can track the order if you have availed of the tracking facility. If you are unable to track the order, you can contact us on live chat.


Q: What to do with the wrong/damaged/missing item received?

A: If you have received the wrong item / damaged item / missing item on multiple quantities buy, please share the package and product image on our live chat.


Q: Can I change my order details after order placement?

A: We have some limited control over order editing. You have to contact us for any change before the order is dispatched. We can not change anything after order dispatch.


Q: What to do if the system doesn't show my order?

A: If you are unable to find the order details at your order must be placed on a different platform including amazon and eBay.


Q: Can I track my amazon / eBay orders here?

A: No. You can not track your amazon / eBay orders on our website. You have to visit the respective platform to track your order.


Q: Can I contact you here for my amazon / eBay orders?

A: No. We are serving many retailers and we don't have the authority to access their customer data. So, you have to contact them directly.


Q: Can I contact you here if I have purchased from your offline store?

A: No, we have a dedicated team for offline store. You have to contact +447466436403 for your offline store transactions.


Q: How long does the replying process take?

A: We are always trying to give you the answer in no time but due to high requests, there may be a possibility of a delay. In general, we are responding all queries within 24 hours.