Vibe Wireless Charging Pad - Black
Vibe Wireless Charging Pad - Black
Vibe Wireless Charging Pad - White
Vibe Wireless Charging Pad - White
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Vibe Wireless Charging Pad

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Vibe Wireless Charging Pad

Wireless Charging Pad, Say hello to safe, rapid wireless charging that’s Guaranteed to satisfy you. Round Wireless Charging Pad is the perfect Wirelessly charging any of your compatible devices.


  • Slim and Stylish: Different from other wireless charging pads, Vibe Wireless chargers are designed with style and has a anti-slip rubber surface gives a rich and stylish look.
  • Input: with normal charger 5.0V (2A) or with fast 9V (1.67A)
  • Output: for fast charging 9V (1.0A) or 5V (1.67A)
  • Smart LED Indicator: Our smart LED indicator shows that your device is charging or not
  • Supports Fast Charging: Vibe Wireless Charging Pad Supports fast charging for your device. Your device must support fast charging or else it will draw normal power.
  • Case-friendly: this wireless charger pad is case-friendly but your phone case must not be metal or thicker than 3mm
  • Charging made safer: Our advanced technology keeps your phone away from overcharging, temperature protection to keep your device safe.
  • Anti-slip rubber surface: Vibe wireless pad has anti-slip rubber surface to keep your device safe

Compatible with:

  • Wireless charging supported devices

Package contains:

  • 1X Vibe Wireless Charging Pad - Black


  • Please make sure to align your device in the centre of the charging pad to activate charging