C3 Dual USB 3.1 AMP Mains Charger - White
C3 Dual USB 3.1 AMP Mains Charger
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C3 Dual USB 3.1 AMP Mains Charger

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C3 Dual USB 3.1 AMP Mains Charger - White

Description : 

Dual USB White 3.1 Amp Mains Charger by C3, charge any apple devices quickly and conveniently with this 3.1 AMP high power output Mains Charger.

This mains charger allows you to charge all Apple devices. The design makes plugging and unplugging easier, you can charge any USB connecting Apple device with the help of Mains Charger.


  • Auto-Identify Charge Type: C3 Dual USB Mains Charger auto-identify charging connected device output and intelligently provides that optimized charging.
  • Only Travel Companion: With any port enabled devices users this is alone charging companion for their travelling.
  • Protections: Built-in safety features for you like overcharging, overheating short-circuit protection.
  • High-Speed Charging: With the 3.1 AMP high power you can charge your device faster than other normal Mains Charger.

Compatible With :

  • All 3.1 AMP Compatible Devices

Package Include:

  • 1 X C3 Dual USB 3.1 AMP Mains Charger