2.1 Amp 2 Pin EU USB Mains Charger
Vibe 2.1 Amp 2 Pin EU USB Mains Charger
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2.1 Amp 2 Pin EU USB Mains Charger

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2.1 Amp 2 Pin EU USB Mains Charger

White single port 2.1 Amp 2 Pin EU USB Mains Charger, charge any devices quickly and conveniently with this 2.1A high power output Mains Charger.

This mains charger allows you to charge all USB compatible devices.

No more struggling to get your charger in and out of the plug socket with our new easy to handle design.


  • Auto-Identify Charge Type: Vibe's Mains Charger auto-identify charging connected device output and intelligently provides that optimises charging
  • Perfect Travel Companion: With its Compact design and ease of use this can be your perfect travelling companion when travelling throughout
  • Europe.
  • Built-in safety: The built-in safety will prevent you from devices from overcharging, overheating and also has short-circuit protection.
  • High-Speed Charging: With the 2.1A power output you can charge your device faster than any normal Mains Charger.


  • Input: 180-240V ~ 50/60Hz 0.25A
  • Output: 5V~2100mA

Compatible with:

  • Suitable for any USB device

Package Contains:

  • 1X 2 Pin EU USB Mains Charger