Which are the Best USB Mains Charger for Fast Phone charging in 2020?

by Samir Raj on April 19, 2021


Just about every piece of mobile tech these days requires a USB wall charger, so having an extra one around is always a great idea. Our picks are much more powerful, affordable, and faster at recharging all your devices than the charging brick that probably came with your device.

When you own more than two mobile devices that require regular recharging, it can be tiresome to carry all the adapters that are needed to charge them. That said, there is a handy solution - a USB charger. The device combines multiple power output ports and may become a true life savior for all of your gadgets.
Finally, no more arguing with your siblings, friends, or significant other about who gets to charge their device first. With a USB charging station, you can charge all your USB-equipped devices with one fell swoop.

When you need your phone or other devices charged quickly, you’ll need one of the best USB wall chargers on hand. Many of these gadgets can charge multiple devices at once, from your smartphone to your laptop to a digital camera and more. Unlike direct USB port charging from a computer, which can supply only about 500 milliamps of electrical current or 0.5 watts, some USB wall chargers can provide 30 watts or more.

Which are the best USB Charger, USB Mains Charger, USB Wall Charger, Wall Charger, & Phone Charger for Fast Charging in UK 2020?

If you have plans to travel abroad, consider a universal wall charger. They’re designed to fit non-U.S. standardized outlets, so you can stay powered up wherever you may be. And think about how many outlets you need. For an emergency backup when you're out and about, one outlet might be enough, but if you want a USB charging hub at home for many devices, you probably need more than that.

These days, nearly everything in your bag has a rechargeable battery -- your phone, tablet, wireless headphones and laptop probably being your main priorities. But even if you're carrying four or more devices around, you don't need a separate wall charger or outlet for each one. That's because you can charge nearly everything -- including newer laptops -- through a one-size-fits-all charging technology: USB-C Power delivery, or USB-C PD.

The fact of the matter is that if you're packing the right kind of charging cable (or dongles), and your laptop was released in the past couple of years, you'll be in very good shape. The key, of course, is getting one of the latest and greatest USB-C PD chargers.

These adapters generally deliver 60 watts of power or better, putting them in the same ballpark as the 65W chargers that many laptops ship with. (That also blows away the puny 5W charger that still defaults pack-in for the iPhone 11 and earlier models, though the iPhone 11 Pro models ship with an 18W USB-C model.) 

Future-proofed for years to come, the Vibe USB-C charger delivers 46-watts of power output via USB-C 3.0 to charge and recharge all your important devices. On top of its 46W of charging power, the Vibe also includes a 10.5W USB port that powers any 5V USB electronic with an output up to 2.1A for a grand total of 56.5 total watts of charging power. Fortunately, your electronics are protected from all that juice via built-in safeguards that help prevent them from overheating or overcharging and causing lasting damage.

Ultimately, the Vibe and its dynamically adapting power output can provide enough charge to fill up an empty iPhone 8 battery to 50 per cent in under 30 minutes while charging a USB-C compatible Mac-book or Mac-book Pro at full speed. Compact in size, the Vibe adds a fold-able plug, which provides extra portability for easily sticking in a day bag or even in a pocket.

Our phones and tablets are not always supplied with mains chargers, and even when they are you might find a multi-port charger is more convenient. We round up the best single- and multi-port wall- and desktop USB chargers for your phone or tablet.

Thankfully, I've spent the past few weeks testing &  comparing 30-plus USB wall chargers to help you find the best third-party and multi port offerings available right now, found some them go-to choices for charging on the go. Our two technology editors also tested several of them to see how reliable they are as well as how quickly they can recharge smartphones, tablets, and laptops. We ensured that our picks are reliable, by reading reviews from other publications and customers. 

All of these top-rated picks are perfect for keeping your devices powered up, so dead phones will be a thing of the past. Most of our top picks below include dual charging outputs instead of one, allowing for the simultaneous charging of multiple devices. And they all have folding AC prongs for easy travel. If you're looking for the best USB C charger, read on to see which of the tried and true models below will work best for you.

Types of Mains chargers we have

Vibe Single 1A USB Mains Charger :

single 1A USB mains charger

                                Compatible with any device which is charged using a USB cable.

Vibe Single 2A Mains Charger :

Single 2A Mains Charger

                              Compatible with any Divide which is charged using a USB cable.

Vibe 6 in 1 Universal Charger Kit :

6 in 1 Universal Charger

                                Compatible with iPhone | Samsung | Blackberry | Sony Ericsson | HTC | Motorola | LG | Nokia Dedicated to Design.


Vibe iPhone 4/4s Mains Charger :

iphone 4s mains charger

                                                               Compatible for iPhone 4s/4/3Gs/3G, iPod Touch/Nano.

Vibe Micro USB Mains Charger Fixed Cable :

Micro USB Mains Charger

                                Compatible with Samsung, HTC, LG, Nokia, Motorola, Sony Ericsson, Blackberry, & Huawei.


Vibe Type C Mains Charger Fixed Cable :

Type C Mains Charger

                              Compatible with Samsung, HTC, LG, Nokia, Motorola, Huawei, Xiaomi, & Lenovo.

                                Compatible with Galaxy Note 7, Xiaomi 5/4s/4c, Huawei P9/P9 Plus/V8/Nexus 6P, LG Nexus 6P, LG Nexus 5x/GS, HTC M10/ZUK Z1/Z2/Z2 Pro, Apple Retina Mac-book, Nokia N1, & Xiaomi Pad 2.


Vibe Dual 3.1 Amp USB Mains Rapid Charger :

Dual 3.1 Amp USB Mains Rapid Charger

                                                                 Suitable for any USB Device.


Vibe Worldwide 4 Port USB Mains Rapid Charger :

universal mains charger

                              Compact Design includes international adapters. Charge 4 Devices at the same time with 5.1 Amp Output.