The Vibe Wallet Case Is A Great Way To Organize Your Money, Credit Cards And Cash!

by Waseem S on September 20, 2022

Are you an iPhone user? And you are tired of carrying a big bulk wallet with you? What if you can hold all your necessary cards and money with your phone? Therefore, an iPhone wallet case is a must-have. These attachments will keep your essential cards, cash, and ID in one place while protecting your iPhone from scratches and spills.


There are a number of alternatives on the market to choose from. However, here we will review a wallet case which is Vibe Wallet Case for all iPhone Models. We will do our best to show all the necessary details and pros about this Vibe Wallet Case, which will help you decide whether you want to buy it. Therefore let's deep dive into the review of the Vibe Wallet Case.


How are Vibe Leather Cases made?

Vibe Leather Cases

The Vibe Wallet case s s made up of PU Leather. PU or Synthetic leather, often known as faux leather, is a man-made fabric composed of polyurethane (PU) that has been treated and colored to seem like real leather. PU leather is a more flexible & environmentally sustainable alternative to tanned animal hide leather. PU leather is long-lasting, stain-resistant, and inexpensive. It is said to be just as appealing as genuine leather.


What Features does a Vibe Wallet Case offer?

 Vibe Wallet Case

Vibe has always focused on its consumers. The Vibe Wallet case features a High-quality PU leather wallet case that is comfortable and luxurious, with slots for business cards and cash. Whether you're finishing a business transaction on your train commute home or catching up on your favorite TV show, its designed features that will make your life simpler and make you smile every time you use them. The flip covers' linings are gently & beautifully lined Kick-stand features for easy everyday use. Also, there are precise Cutouts for camera speaker buttons & ports.

 Vibe Wallet Case

Keep your business cards, credit cards, driver's license, and identification with you at all times, whether you're at the gym, the store, the airport, the office, or anywhere life takes you! Vibe Phone leather wallet case contains a cardholder and a money pocket in a sleek, small, and professional package for both men and women.


Does Vibe Wallet Case offer protection to the phone?

Vibe Wallet Case

The short answer is quite yes. The Vibe Wallet Case offers a tough shell that holds the iPhone and a genuine leather folio cover that serves as a viewing stand. The phone will be protected from drops of up to 10 feet with the case. However, we recommend not trying this, or you may damage your iPhone.


For which iPhone Models the Vibe Wallet Case is Available?


The Vibe Wallet Case is available for quite a range of iPhones, e.i

iPhone 6+/7+/8+, iPhone X, iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max, iPhone XR, iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro, iPhone 11 Pro Max, iPhone 12 Mini, iPhone 12/12 Pro, iPhone 12 Pro Max, iPhone 13 Mini, iPhone 13, iPhone 13 Pro, iPhone 13 Pro Max. If you find your iPhone model in the list above, you can order the Vibe Wallet Case immediately.


Why should you use Vibe Wallet Case for your iPhones?

Vibe Wallet Case

The obvious reason to use the Vibe Wallet is that it is STYLISH, PROFESSIONAL, AND OFFERS LASTING LEATHER PROTECTION. The Vibe Wallet case is handmade from smooth, rich imitation leather (PU) with exquisite, accentuated stitching, which makes your Phone wallet cover looks like a work of art. To prevent scratching, the Card Holder side is constructed of soft material. It shields your phone from accidental spills and splashes, allowing you to use it anywhere and whenever you choose. Your stylish leather wallet cover fits your phone precisely and fits nicely in your pocket. It provides easy access to all connections and functions, including a speakerphone hole that allows you to converse without opening the cover.


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Concluding, the Vibe Fine Wallet Case combines a premium PU leather exterior with a flexible and shock-absorbing inside layer. It also provides additional protection to your device's front display. With this added protection, your iPhone can withstand any fall and be protected from scratches, dust, & bumps. The significant feature of this case is that it may be used as a wallet to hold IDs, cash, or credit cards. This case's design screams safety. Its double-sided strong magnetic closure contributes to the device's security. However, there's a con, this vibe wallet case is unlikely to support wireless charging. Aside from that, all of the features offered by this wallet case are amazing. Furthermore, cutouts are properly constructed to provide simple access to all connections such as a speaker, camera, plus charging ports.The flip cover case is designed to safeguard against life's unexpected surprises. Therefore, you should definately give a try to this premuim handmade sleek looking case a try if you're an iPhone User.