Protect your iPhone with the Vibe Premium Cases!

by Waseem S on July 30, 2022

If you own an iPhone and want some protection to protect your expensive gadget with the best protection case, then you have to visit the vibe centre. We have got you covered in all your choices for your iPhone. Vibe Premium Cases are there for you to protect your device from any falls, scratches, or any other harm. We have various varieties covered that all iPhone owners want in the space of cases.


 Various vibe premium cases for you

  1. Wallet Case
  2. Skinz Case
  3. Ring Case
  4. Transparent Puloka Case

Wallet Case

Vibe Wallet Case

The Vibe Premium Wallet Case blends an exterior made of premium PU leather with a flexible and shock-absorbing interior layer. It gives your device extra protection on the front display also. By getting this additional protection, your iPhone can endure any fall and get safety from scratches, dust, and bumps. The distinctive feature of this case is that one can use it as a wallet to store their IDs, cash, or credit cards. The design of this case speaks safety. Its double-sided strong magnetic closure adds to the safety of the device.

Note that this vibe premium case won’t likely work with wireless charging. Besides this, all the features this wallet case provides are exceptional. Moreover, cutouts are made precisely to give you easy access to all the ports like a speaker, camera, and charging ports.

And that’s not all; whatever your iPhone model is, they have a Wallet case for each iPhone Model.


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Skins Case

Vibe TPU Skins Case

If you have an iPhone, you won’t compromise its beautiful look. So if you don’t like to hide the beautiful back of your iPhone and want protection, Skinz Case is the way to walk for you. With our superior textured, precisely cut skins, you can completely shield your phone from scuffs and scratches without sacrificing the unique appearance of the iPhones. This vibe premium case will cover your iPhone's back, camera, and sides, protecting your iPhone from any damage. High-quality glue is used, so this vibe premium case does not harm your iPhone. Also, because of this, it won’t leave any glue marks after removal.

The cutouts are precisely made to access every port, button, and logo. The back is made of vinyl, and it comes with air release. Thus, wrapping and refusing air bubbles is easy. Moreover, this vinyl is easy to re-lift, reposition and stretch with the help of a hair dryer.  This vibe premium case also allows wireless charging most of the time. It also includes alcohol wipes for excellent adherence to your iPhones. Thus, Vibe Skinz Premium Case is a simple option to protect your iPhone without compromising the look.

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Ring Case

Vibe Ring Case

The vibe Premium Ring Case is similar to the Skinz case, with a slight addition of a ring to its back. With the addition of the ring, the case looks more stylish and adds more usability. You can use this ring to hold your iPhone, which prevents your device from falling from your hand. Moreover, the ring can also be used as a stand to help you watch a film without holding your device in your hand. Thus, this vibe premium case is way too practical than others as it can be used for multiple purposes.

This case has an extra cushion on all four sides, which prevents your device from any harm from a fall. And as it is transparent, you don’t have to compromise on the iPhone’s stylish look.


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Transparent Poluka Case

Vibe Transparent Puloka Case

The ones who are very much concerned about the total safety of their devices must consider this vibe Transparent Polka Case. It prevents the body as well as the camera of your device from the harm of any accidental fall. This case is covered with premium safety all around the case and camera cutout as well.

The quality of this case is also vibrant, and the cutouts are also exact. The outer border for protection is available in various colors to make it more stylish. Like the Wallet case, it won’t allow wireless charging. Thus, this vibe premium case is for those keen on their device's safety.

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All vibe premium cases have their uniqueness. If one wants overall protection, they can go for the Wallet and Transparent Polka case. However, if one doesn’t want to compromise the iPhone’s stylish look, they can check out the Skinz case, and if they want extra features, they can choose the Ring case. All cases are very well made; thus, it’s up to the user what he wants.