PD Qualcomm Charger and Type C to Type C Combo Fast Charging Combo!

by Waseem S on November 07, 2022

PD charger and a Type-C to Type-C cable are must have when one wants their Samsung device to charge quicker than the standard time. Samsung has been a pioneer in the smartphone industry. It is one of the most popular brands worldwide that offer a wide range of products and services.

Samsung has always been on top of its game, especially with its latest phones. It is not just about how good the phone looks but also how well it can last for hours on end. And that is why we offer a charging combo for customers who want to make sure they have enough juice to keep up with their busy schedules.

This combo pack is perfect for one who wants to keep their devices charged while they're on the go or just want some extra peace of mind that their devices are ready when they need them most! We provide a PD main charger and a Braided USB-C to C cable, which can be used combined as your Samsung charging combo to charge your device instantly in one go.


What is a PD charger?

PD Charger

A PD charger is usually compatible with phones, tablets, and other devices that are fitted with a USB-C port. They can also be used to charge laptops and other devices that have USB-C ports.

USB-C Electricity Delivery (PD) is a new benchmark that can provide up to 100 watts of power, which is sufficient to charge laptops and other devices that demand more power than USB-C alone can provide. 


What is a braided USB-C to C cable?

Type-C to Type C

A braided USB-C to C Cable is a type of USB-C cable that is made up of woven fabric. It has a more durable construction than your standard rubber or plastic cables.

Braided USB-C to C cables is used in many different applications, from charging phones and laptops to connect monitors and displays to computers.

The braided USB-C to C cables is more durable because they have a protective layer that prevents the wires from being exposed and damaged. They also have an added layer of protection in the form of metal shielding, which prevents interference with the data being transmitted through the wire.


Vibe Ultra Fast Charger PD + USB Qualcomm Mains Chargers

PD Charger

Vibe ultra fast main charger comes with dual ports, which can charge two devices simultaneously. Also, this charger can charge your device four times faster than any other charger due to PD technology. Apart from PD technology, the chip used in it is Qualcomm 3.0, which boosts your charging. Talking about the design, the VIBE Mains Charger is protected from overheating, overcharging, and short circuits by an innovative circuit design. Another great feature is that it will stop charging once your device is fully charged. It will only charge faster when used with the proper high-speed charging cable.


C3 Braided Cable Type C to Type-C Cable

 Braided Cable Type C to Type-C Cable

With the help of this Type-C to Type-C Braided Cable, you can keep your gadgets fully charged. You can easily sync and charge your smartphone. To sync and power up, just connect the wire to your computer or USB charger. It can be used with any device compatible with a USB-C charger. Both ends of this cable have Type-C cable, which is known as Type-C to Type-C cable. So one must have a main charger or, say adapter which has a Type-C port to use this cable. It provides fast charging and is reliable as it is made up of a robust cable which will last long without breaking. Most companies nowadays provide short cable, while we at Vibe provide 2-metre cable, which is way more comfortable. 


PD Qualcomm Charger and Type C to Type C Cable Charging combo

If your Samsung's original charging cable stops working, you can try our VIBE PD main charger with our braided USB-C to USB-C cable as your Samsung charging combo to get your device charged quickly. As both these products come with a technology which can boost your charging and will reduce your charging time to half as compared to other chargers. One can use it without worrying about any scratches or breaking as the build quality is also very good. Also, the design is quite compact so it is easy to carry or plug in to any holder as it won’t consume much space.